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Tax deductibility benefits

The Hospital Outpatient Module (HOM) was donated to the Narrow Gates Community Life Center, a non-profit community service organization.  The inventor/owner has entered into an arrangement with Narrow Gates so that 90 percent of the profits from the operations of the HOM and Healthcare Delivery Service will go directly to the service organization in support of its efforts to provide a sanctuary for the youth and homeless individuals.  Therefore, as a donor for the development of the HOM & HDS, 90 percent of your contribution will be tax deductible.   

The organization is attempting to raise the $5 million necessary to complete the working prototype model, the expensive and sophisticated software program; and to initiate a one-year test marketing campaign.  For more information about Narrow Gate CLC, go to its web site at:   When making your donation, please designate that the contribution is for the Hospital Outpatient Module (HOM).