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 Inventor's Profile

Inventor's Profile

Robert J. Merritt is the inventor and designer of the Hospital Outpatient Module (HOM) and the Healthcare Delivery Service business venture.   He has been responsible for several start-up business initiatives, including General Manager of MPG Properties, Ltd and Barrington’s Business Center.  His primary business is real estate development.  He has had many years of experience in the fields of real estate development, administration and general business endeavors.  His academic and educational backgrounds have been thoroughly grounded in business management and systems design.  He has been working toward a new approach to housing for senior citizens for well over 20 years, and has begun the development of a 463-unit senior housing complex, located in Barstow, CA. 

Merritt was the principal developer for the construction of a state-of-the-arts, 300-bed skilled nursing home in Brooklyn, New York.  He owned and operated a computerized real estate appraisal service for banks and other lenders.  He is a graduate of the Yale University Hospital Administration Program; awarded the U.S. Jaycees’ “Outstanding Young Men of America” in 1974; listed in the “Men of Achievement,” Cambridge, England, 1976.  From 1973 to 1977, he served as the first Executive Director of the National Association of Health Services Executives.  In 1975, he was commissioned by the State of New Jersey (through Darby & Jones Associates, Inc.) to develop the master plan for the health care delivery system for the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission.

His experiences have given vent to his basic, academic background in general business theory, taxation and administrative techniques.  In recognition for his entrepreneurial propensities, he was awarded “The Most Outstanding Student of the Graduating Class of 1967,” from New Haven University.  This award was given, in part, as a result of the tax service business he established during his junior year in college, through which he hired several of his classmates to run the three offices throughout the city of New Haven, Connecticut while he attended classes.  He financed his undergraduate education and bought his first investment-real estate property (while still in college) from that business venture.

The invention of the HOM/HDS concept is the culmination of years of his intensive and intense observations of failed approaches to the delivery of quality, cost-efficient health care for the elderly and the chronically ill.  As he has in the past, he has surrounded himself with the best talent available to accomplish his goals.  He has already begun to identify his team of personnel from various areas of the health care and communication fields who have demonstrated their bent toward new and untried approaches toward innovative technologies in health care.