The Hospital Outpatient Module

The company is a startup, and is developed around an inventive medical apparatus called the Hospital Outpatient Module (H.O.M.).   The H.O.M. is a portable/mobile hospital bedroom, fully equipped with the components of a medical treatment room, a nurse’s station and an adjustable, computerized hospital bed.  It is to be delivered to a home, apartment, clinic, doctor’s office, and public institution, etc.; and then linked to a Central Monitoring Center via the Internet for round-the-clock patient monitoring, at any location on the globe.  A manufacturer has agreed to develop a working prototype by September 2002, in exchange for right of first refusal for the manufacturing contract for five years. 

Specially trained caregivers and technicians will accompany each H.O.M. unit to operate the sophisticated equipment, and provide average daily living support to the patient/user.  Family members and friends, and the attending health professionals are able to communicate, monitor and interact with the patient…from anywhere in the world, via the Internet.