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Homecare Delivery Service
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Homecare Delivery Service

    Imagine your mother (who lives on the opposite side of the country), is suffering with the beginning stages of dementia.  She lives alone.or with her husband who is not able to take care of her.  For the past few months, you and your wife have hired private duty nurses, health aides, and a battery of friends and others to help with the care of your mother.  Only occasionally you are informed of your mother's condition.  The monthly expenses to care for your her have become probative, and with all of that, you have only limited knowledge about how she is really doing.

             You and your family finally called Global H.O.M. Care Systems for help.  After an assessment of your mother's condition, the Central Monitoring Center for Global H.O.M. Care Systems places a call to the central warehouse for the company (in Carthage, TN) to arrange for the delivery of a H.O.M. unit to your mother (who lives in Seattle, WA).  It is delivered overnight. Your mother and father used to live in San

Francisco, CA many years ago, and have maintained a relationship with their family doctor, who is still their primary physician. The doctor is now just a "click" away.   You and your family live in Newark, New Jersey.  Because of the distance apart from your parents, you would like to have more contact and better knowledge about how your she is being treated.

             The Hospital Outpatient Module (H.O.M.) is just what you need.  The H.O.M. unit, with its full-functioned, adjustable hospital bed, built-in nurse's station, non-invasive patient monitors, and a complete stock of medical supplies, is delivered to the home and can be set up in an area that is only 63 square feet.  Accompanying the unit will be one or more caregivers who will operate and maintain the equipment, and provide average-daily assistance.  Special cameras will be installed throughout the house so that your mom can be observed at appropriate times and places.  With the use of the Internet (or GPS systems), the Central Monitoring Center, the family and friends, and the attending physician,  all can use her access code to communicate, view and interact with her. 

             The H.O.M. is designed with a voice-recognition and Internet Protocol Circuitry, which allows the various life-sign, monitors to automatically alert the Central Monitoring Center and all others, with audible announcements (in colloquial languages) and instructions when a critical level is reached.  The Hospital Outpatient Module and its accompanying Homecare Delivery Service are fully reimbursable through Medicaid, Medicare and other third-party insurers.  Under existing health care financing models, a comparable care and service regimen would cost well over $1800 per patient-day.  With the H.O.M./HDS, the cost could be as little as $112 per day.  Although the principal use for this service would be as an " alternative to a nursing home ," it has many other applications, such as unused hospital rooms, health clinics, doctor's offices, civic centers, public facilities.even the military could use the equipment and service under combat conditions.  The H.O.M./HDS is a new and revolutionary, managed care system that has worldwide applications.