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Get 100% Protection

Get 100% protection against loss of investment.
while maintaining an equity position in the business venture.

Generally, startup ventures are extremely difficult to capitalize.   Small business operations can (and often do) raise seed money from the entrepreneur's own savings, or with the help of relatives, friends, even small private offerings.  With larger, more complicated and far-reaching ventures, a start-up must find other, more creative ways to raise seed capital. 

            In anticipation of the problems attendant to raising the first stage of funds for the Hospital Outpatient Module and its accompanying Home Care Delivery Service, the owners have established a trust fund for the protection of the investors/lenders.  The trust fund is setup and administered by Investor Life Services, Inc. through its program.   

The trust fund protects investors by guaranteeing the repayment of an amount equal to 100% of an investor's investment in the company in a specified number of years.  The investor is also given an equity position in the business with the anticipation of appreciation of the stock price.  The investor/lender get the best of both worlds: guaranteed repayment of capital and potential stock appreciation. 

How it Works 

            Utilizing the InvestorProtector Guaranteed Contracts of Insurance, issued by top rated American life insurance companies to guarantee the repayment of funds to the investor, the company will set aside a portion of an investor's investment to be deposited into the trust fund, which is used to purchase a guaranteed contract of insurance with a triple-A insurance company.  The trust is held by a U.S. FDIC insured bank, and the investor's beneficial interests in the trust are not subject to bankruptcy or creditor claims of other investors or the company.  In essence, the investor gets an insured, money-back guarantee of a return on their investment, plus participation in the growth of the company. 

Other Benefits to the Investor 

The beneficial interest in each individual investor's collateral trust is both assignable and transferable ( liquidity) .   

Because the Guaranteed Contract of Insurance offers a money-back guarantee, investors may utilize funds in their self-directed IRA; and they may adjust both the amount and the timing of the risk that they are willing to take in the company; they may convert their beneficial interest in the trust account into more stock in the company to maximize their returns as the shares of the company increases in value ( investment options) .   

The investment enables investors to have the best of all worlds, i.e., and safety and return-on-investment.  Investors can take advantage of the tax incentives available with new or small corporate ventures ( potential tax advantages).

What may be the most satisfying achievement for investors in this business venture is the knowledge that they will be participating in a venture that will probably result in a solution to one of this country's most insurmountable, intractable and long-standing problems since the establishment of social medicine, that is, the continuing and ever-rising expenditures for health care in the nation.  It is estimated that this developing venture will reduce the national health care budget by as much as 25% per year.   

            There are few socially responsible investment opportunities that will provide, not only personal satisfaction, but also over 20% return-on-investment, plus a money-back guarantee of 100% return of the original investment, to boot.